1. Objective

The objectives of the initiative is to create a sustainable and impactful network of knowledge society related sectors’ decision makers, government and public sector officials and experts, and practitioners and researchers in order to facilitate and stimulate the collective and distributed leadership capacities of African countries and strengthen their capacity to implement the SDGs. 

2. Regional Scope

The initiative targets the African region and can serve as a case study and pilot for other emerging and developing regions/economies.

3. Expected Results over the next 5 years: 

  • In relation to the collaborative network: develop a sustainable, autonomous and impactful African Leadership Network for Sustainable Development, which would grow to become a key actor in the policy debate on leadership and knowledge society and their roles in sustainable development in general and more specifically in the implementation of the SDGs.
  • In relation to policy outreach: at continental, regional and country levels, reach awareness and agreement of the importance of leadership for knowledge society development and cross-knowledge society sectors policy coherence to achieve sustainable development.

  • In relation to research and capacity building at African level:  establish collaboration at continental level across universities and research institutions on leadership for knowledge society development, Education, ICT and STI policy coherence, and futures studies.

  • In relation to knowledge products: promote related research and develop databases of related resources and experts.

  • In relation to informing similar network development in other developing and emerging regions/economies:  lessons learned can inform similar initiative outside Africa.